3 Reasons For Legalizing Cannabis In Idaho

There have always been a lot of good arguments for legalizing Cannabis. One of the things we often hear against legalization is that there's not enough research & data. Thankfully it is now 2016 and the "there's not enough information" card can no longer be played while expecting to be taken seriouslly. 

Here are just three of the top reasons for legalizing Cannabis for medical use in Idaho.

Helps The Local Economy

I've already discussed in great detail how much money Idaho's economy is losing by not legalizing Cannabis, but this fact cannot be stressed enough. Idaho ranks near the bottom of the nation in education, according to a report by Idaho Education News. We could use the tax revenue from medicinal Cannabis to fix our failing education system. I don't know about you, but I don't want our lovely state to be ranked 46th in the nation with the same educational index as Colombia. Of course, this money can also be used for other things, such as addiction education and treatment, or our crumbling infrastructure. The possibilities are endless.

Curbs Opiate Addiction

It's no secret that Idaho has a problem with opiate addiction. Idaho ranks fourth in the nation, when it comes to prescription drug abuse, despite only being the 39th most populous state in the nation. According to data from Northpoint Recovery, 20% of high school students in Idaho have abused prescription drugs, and 8 people out of 100,000 die from a drug overdose. In contrast, states with medical Cannabis have lower rates of prescription drug abuse. As I've stated before, just one death from prescription painkillers is one too many. 

Unclogs The Prison System

When compared to the rest of the nation, Idaho's laws regarding Cannabis are positively draconian. Possession of three ounces or more is a felony that can get you up to 5 years in prison. Throughout my life I've known many people who have been through the judicial system in Idaho, and I can tell you that once you're in the system, it's very difficult to get out of it. When it comes to incarceration rates, Idaho ranks among the top ten in the US. Our state also spends around $20 MILLION dollars a year on cannabis arrests, according to a report from drugscience.org. This is not what I want for Idaho. We can do better.

If you enjoyed this article & want Medical Cannabis legalized in Idaho, please consider volunteering or donating to fund signatures. We only need 47,000 signatures for the petition to get on the ballot. If it passes, Butch Otter or whoever replaces him can't veto it.

Image Source: Wired.com