Cannabis Is Already A $100M+ Industry In Idaho

Yes you read that title right.

Even with the most conservative estimates, Cannabis sales from Idaho residents are already past $10M+/mo from legal dispensaries located right on the borders of Idaho. This easily puts total yearly Cannabis sales over $100M+ in Idaho. 

Prohibition & the war on drugs is a failed policy. 

We have been fighting a failed war for a long, long time. Wether or not you believe smoking Cannabis has a place in society, the prohibition of Cannabis is a clearly failed policy.

How many years have we been fighting this war now? It's been longer than my life time. Judging by the fact that we will have over $100M+ in Cannabis sale from Idaho residents in 2017, the war on drugs is a complete and absolute failure of a policy. 

We are letting one of the largest Idaho industries go untaxed. We are confusing our children about what drugs are bad. Prohibition doesn't reduce addiction. Prohibition doesn't reduce crime. 

Saying otherwise is against the scientific facts of modern day life. 

This $100M+ industry exists. It's time to tax it. 

The Idaho Cannabis industry exists. We can do one of two things about it.

1. Tax it. Heavily. If we as a state believe addiction is bad, use that money for public awareness regarding addiction. (Or use that money for education, roads, whatever floats your boat.) 

2. Pretend it doesn't exist. Let $1,000,000,000 leave our economy over the next 10 years. Make the ~100,000 Idahoans who smoke Cannabis feel like criminals. 

Prohibition just doesn't work. Before our neighboring states were legalized we weren't just losing money from our economy because of Prohibition, but that money was going straight to criminal organizations. Now at least the sales from Cannabis goes to legal dispensaries in Oregon, Washington, and Nevada. 

That money should stay in Idaho. That money should fund our failing educational system. 

This is not a moral issue. It's not even an economic issue. This is a reality issue. 

If you enjoyed this article & want Medical Cannabis legalized in Idaho, please consider volunteering or donating to fund signatures. We only need 47,000 signatures for the petition to get on the ballot. If it passes, Butch Otter or whoever replaces him can't veto it.

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