Cannabis Prohibition is a Gateway Policy Causing Drug Abuse

One of the most common lies told about Medical Cannabis is that Cannabis is a gateway to harder drugs. This position is being pushed by Idaho officials such as Elisha Figueroa & Butch Otter. 

Elisha & Butch aren't doctors. In fact, despite being Director of Idaho's Drug Policy, Elisha doesn't even know the effects of caffeine on the human body (which happen to be more harmful than Cannabis). 

Thanks to their extreme ignorance, Elisha & Butch have actually been pushing a policy that creates more drug abuse. This policy is Cannabis Prohibition. 

Cannabis Prohibition is a gateway policy that creates more drug abuse. 

How exactly does this work?

Pretend we told all of our youth that caffeine was one of the most evil drugs that you can do. We say the caffeine in coffee is not only worse than alcohol and tobacco, but even more evil than meth & heroine.

So our children grow up thinking caffeine is evil. 

The issue begins when our children inevitably start experimenting with caffeine (because caffeine being illegal didn't make caffeine disappear). They realize all of a sudden that they have been lied to. They start thinking coffee isn't that bad. In fact, I really like coffee. All those authority figures have been lying to me about coffee! I bet they're lying about other drugs like meth & heroine too. 

Now, our children aren't buying coffee from the local Starbucks because caffeine is illegal. They're buying it from their local drug dealer. Who also happens to sell meth & heroine. 

And since they were lied to about coffee, they try some meth/heroine when it's offered. 

This is exactly what is happening with Cannabis. We take one of the least damaging most beneficial drugs, and we tell our children that this is the absolute most worst thing you can possibly do.  

The result is that our children stop believing us about the really hard drugs like meth & heroine after we've lied to them about Cannabis. Since Cannabis is illegal and you are forced to use a drug dealer, it is Cannabis Prohibition that causes Idahoans to start using meth & heroine. 

Cannabis Prohibition is a gateway policy causing massive amounts of drug abuse in our Idaho community. 

Science proves Alcohol is the real gateway drug. 

Alcohol on the other hand, is the real gateway drug. Over 88% of people try alcohol having never tried another substance before they started drinking.

After drinking for the first time, only 50% of people don't go on to try another drug. How scary is that? In any given day there are 122,550 alcohol dependent people in Idaho.

Cannabis on the other hand has actually been proven to be an exit drug. Cannabis helps people stop abusing harder substances like alcohol & opioid painkillers.

We need to stop confusing our children with lies about what drugs are bad and what drugs aren't. We need to have an open conversation about drug abuse & what actually causes it. If we continue to lie about Cannabis being harmful just so the prison and pharmaceutical industries can make more money, then we will be continuing to promote drug abuse in our community. 

If you enjoyed this article & want Medical Cannabis legalized in Idaho, please consider volunteering or donating to fund signatures. We only need 47,000 signatures for the petition to get on the ballot. If it passes, Butch Otter or whoever replaces him can't veto it.