How To Convince Your Fellow Idahoan That Idaho Should Legalize Medical Cannabis

Thanks for supporting the cause of legalization! If you clicked on this article I'm going to assume you probably want Medical Cannabis to be legalized. There's enough people in Idaho to make this happen, we just have to take action. 

If you follow these three steps you can help make a positive impact in your immediate community.  

Step One: Be as kind as possible. 

Humans react to generosity, you will never make someone change their heart by attacking them. Help your neighbor cross the road, lend your friend your car, offer to assist with your co-workers duties.

Cannabis was not criminalized because of facts, but because of feelings

Our politicians released a huge propaganda campaign to make people associate Cannabis with "bad" things (like negro's and anti war supporters). They didn't release facts to make it criminal because it was a bad substance.

If we want Cannabis to be legalized in Idaho, we need to make all Idahoans associate positive feelings with Cannabis and the people who smoke Cannabis. All of the facts & statistics in the world wont help us if by campaigning for legalization we make our neighbors and friends hate us. 

Step Two: Now, focus on your facts.

There's a lot of really great facts out there about Cannabis. It's important to make sure we're using facts in the right way to help support our cause. Here's a couple good and bad facts for your reference. 

Good Facts

  • The policy of Prohibition actually increases drug abuse in Idaho, not reduce it. We think addiction is a bad thing & simply want to stop confusing Idaho's children about what drugs are "horrible". 
  • Idaho has the same educational index as the country of Colombia. We need to tax Cannabis to fund our failing educational system. 

Bad Facts 

  • Cannabis cures cancer. (While this is a solid fact for a number of different kinds of cancer & Cannabis is a huge help chemo, stay away from this one. People who are absolutely against Cannabis have a hard time accepting that it can be a cure for cancer.)
  • Cannabis isn't addictive. (While not as bad as even Caffeine, Cannabis is slightly addictive mentally & physically. Addiction is bad. If we are unable to admit that, the people who are against Cannabis will only ever see us as drug addicts.) 
  • There are no bad side effects of Cannabis. (Focus on the fact that the benefits of Cannabis as a medicine & a regulated industry FAR exceed the extremely small side effects of Cannabis.) 

Step Three: Get involved. 

I'm going to assume you came to this post from Facebook, so thanks for clicking on our link and actually getting this far. You've already taken the first step to getting involved by engaging with Green Majority.

Here's a cheat sheet to everything else you can do to support legalization. 

  • Donate to Green Majority, 100% of your donation will be spent on ad dollars funding a message of legalization on Facebook. $3 let's us reach 1,000 people.
  • Shop at our store and buy yourself a legalization T-Shirt! You'll have it for the rest of your life to show to your kids about how you were there during prohibition. And that YOU played your part. 

Thanks for reading this article my fellow Idahoan. I hope to run into you out there campaigning! 

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