Idaho Farmers Can't Grow Hemp

Currently, there is a ban on growing any form of cannabis in Idaho. This ban also extends to growing hemp. This is an unreasonable law. It's time for a different approach. 

Hemp Is One Of The Most Useful Crops In Existence

Hemp is an extremely versatile plant. There are literally hundreds of different uses for hemp. It can be used as rope. Hemp can be used to make all kinds of clothing, and lasts twice as long as cotton. Hemp seeds have a great deal of nutritional value, and are chock full of protein. Hemp can also be used to make paper. Hemp seed oil can be processed into clean burning fuel. Hemp used to be grown all throughout the US, from the end of the 18th century, up until it was banned in 1937. It was such an important crop that even George Washington and Thomas Jefferson grew it.

Hemp Contains Virtually No THC

Hemp only contains very trace amounts of THC, so there is no way that you can get high off of it. When you consider that, there's no practical reason for there to be a ban on growing hemp. In fact, if Idaho farmers could grow hemp, this would surely help boost our state's economy. It seems just a tad ridiculous that a plant that contains no THC would be included in Idaho's ban on cannabis. One of the reasons that hemp remains illegal is because some Idaho lawmakers believe that farmers could grow cannabis "disguised as hemp."

Many People In Idaho Support Growing Hemp

Hemp legalization seems to have a great deal of support in Idaho. Our legislature has voted on a bill to allow farmers to grow hemp on two separate occasions, in 2001 and 2007. Unfortunately, both bills were killed while in the house. Support for hemp also comes from unexpected places. Trevor Hill, a local farmer from Twin Falls recently started his own hemp business, the Santa Cruz Hemp Company. Hill also happens to be a father of five children, a staunch conservative, and a Mormon as well; he's pretty much the last person you would expect to be a cannabis advocate. Hill recently obtained a license to start growing hemp over in Oregon next year. He will be using his hemp to manufacture CBD hemp extract, among other things. 

Hemp can be used to make fabric, it can be used for food and used as fuel. One thing that it is not is a drug. As such, it should not be treated as one. 

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