Idaho Police Can't Find Enough People Who Haven't Smoked Pot (and neither can Green Majority)

The previous rule stated that prospective officers could be barred from certification if they have smoked Cannabis in the last 5 years. With Cannabis use increasing by over 1000% in the last 4 years, it seems that the Idaho Police Department simply can't find enough people who haven't smoked Cannabis.

To cope with this, state lawmakers have eased the rule from 5 years to 3.

This may not seem super important because there's still a rule stating officers can't smoke Cannabis within the last 3 years, it still highlights an important issue the Idaho Police are experiencing:

Nobody in Idaho is actually against Medical Cannabis. 

Okay, not "nobody", but there's just physically not enough people in Idaho who haven't smoked Cannabis that the Idaho police literally can't hire enough police officers.

There is a handful of people who don't want it legalized. There is a handful of people of people who have been brain washed by the propaganda of the 60's & 70's. But the vast majority of normal reasonable people understand that at the very least, Medical Cannabis needs to be legalized for both economic & moral purposes. 

Green Majority ran a poll on Facebook, over 99% voted for medical legalization.

We decided to ask Idaho if they thought Cannabis should be legalized. We posted an image asking people to comment "yes or no" & then promoted it so we had asked the question to over 85,000 Idahoans. 

Facebook is not the most scientific platform & we realized this poll may be slightly biased. But our page at the time only had 8,000 followers. That would only account for 8,000 out of 85,000 Idahoans. The rest of the audience came from us "boosting" the post on Facebook to a generic Idaho audience aged 18-65+. 

In other words, we expected results that were like "85% of Idahoans support Medical Cannabis".

Instead with over 2,200 comments & asking the question to 85,899 people, we had less than 10 people say "no".

So my question is, who is actually against Cannabis? Because we can't find you. And the Idaho State Police can't find you. 

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