Medical Cannabis Could Be Legalized In Idaho With Just $77,000 In Funding

Since we started Green Majority one of the most common things I hear people say is that they don't think Medical Cannabis can actually get legalized in Idaho. 

I would like to suggest that it would only take $77,000 to get Medical Cannabis legalized in Idaho. This is my reasoning.

1. The people are ready.

Boise State's Public Policy Center did a poll back in 2010 that stated seventy four percent (74%) of Idahoans support medical marijuana use for seriously ill patients. 

Since 2010, we have seen an explosion of support for Cannabis & now more than 50% of the United States has access to Medical Cannabis. If we can get a petition on the ballot, the people will pass it. 

2. We only need $47,000 to collect signatures for the petition. 

If we put up a job ad to "collect signatures to legalize Medical Cannabis", I promise you, we will get a flood of people wanting that job. Our biggest issue right now is we need more volunteers to collect signatures. Collecting signatures can be a somewhat complicated process making sure to follow the proper rules & getting the Petition notarized once you are done. In addition, often the most dedicated Medical Cannabis advocates are usually medical patients themselves who are physically sick. 

But that issue could be solved with $47,000 which is enough to simply hire enough help to collect the 47,000 needed signatures. 

3. Once the petition is on the ballot, we need to spend $30,000 on advertising. 

Once it's on the ballot there will be anti Cannabis groups advertising in Idaho against legalization. $30,000 Will let us run our own ad campaign with over 10,000,000 impressions, which will be more than enough to ensure the petition passes. I say this as CEO of a Boise advertising agency.

4. If the petition passes, no one can veto it. 

If the petition is passed by the people, Butch Otter or whoever replaces him in 2018, will not be able to veto the petition. Medical Cannabis will be legalized in Idaho. 

If you enjoyed this article & want Medical Cannabis legalized in Idaho, please consider volunteering or donating to fund signatures. We only need 47,000 signatures for the petition to get on the ballot. If it passes, Butch Otter or whoever replaces him can't veto it.