You can buy "legal" Meth & Heroin in Idaho, but not Cannabis

The MOST ironic part about the war on drugs in Idaho, is that you can legally buy Meth & Heroin with a doctors prescription.

Yes, a doctor can write you a note, you can go into your local Rite Aid, and they will sell you a bottle of OxyContin, Vicodin, Hydrocodone, Methadone, or Oxycodone. All of which are the "prescription" names for legal opioids, the same kind of drug that is in Heroin. 

You can even pick up some Desoxyn, the legal form of METH

Wait, Are You Serious?

Yes we are dead serious, and that isn't even a figure of speech. The Idaho Press Tribune estimated back in 2013 that an Idahoan dies every 45 hours from a prescription painkiller overdose. 

The Idaho Office of Drug Policy states that prescription Opioid abuse (the same stuff that's in Heroin) is Idaho's #1 drug problem. 

That's right, the biggest drug issue in Idaho is the rampant abuse of "legal" Heroin. 

How Serious An Issue Is This For Idaho?

As it turns out, very serious. According to Ashwood Recovery, " 1 out of 5 high school students in Idaho have used a prescription drug without having a prescription." Twenty percent of Idaho teens have gotten high off of dangerous pills. It's also worth noting that the number of overdoses in Idaho has doubled in the last 18 years.

Wendy Olson, the United States attorney for Idaho is quoted as saying:

The opioid and heroin crisis in this country and in Idaho is not just a law enforcement problem. It is a public health and community problem. It demands a broad array of public health and community services. Opioid addiction often begins not with a law-breaking doctor, but with a family medicine cabinet.

Heroin has also seen somewhat of a resurgence in America in recent years. According to a heartbreaking story in the Idaho Statesman, heroin is an especially serious problem in the more remote areas of our state, such as northern Idaho.

Patients often end up turning to heroin because it's cheaper than their medicine, their prescriptions aren't cutting it anymore, or they can't get another prescription. For all of these reasons, Idahoans are turning themselves into junkies in order to deal with their chronic pain. Many of these people are veterans.

It's Not Just Heroin

A decade ago our state had the highest rate of methamphetamine use in the nation. Since then, groups such as the Idaho Meth Project have helped get Idaho's meth use a little more under control, but it's not enough.

The city of Twin Falls has a meth problem which has caused major upticks in crime.

Many people disagree on how to handle the drug problem here in Idaho. We here at Green Majority have a suggestion. How about we legalize cannabis for medical use here in Idaho? Keeping Cannabis illegal confuses our youth about what drugs are bad, and what drugs aren't.

If you say "Cannabis is the worst drug in the world!" a highschooler hears "even if you're doing meth & heroin, at least you're not a dope head." 

Elsewhere in the country people are using Cannabis to get themselves off of these dangerous drugs, and it's saving their lives.

If you enjoyed this article & want Medical Cannabis legalized in Idaho, please consider volunteering or donating to fund signatures. We only need 47,000 signatures for the petition to get on the ballot. If it passes, Butch Otter or whoever replaces him can't veto it.