How To Collect Signatures By Yourself For The Medical Marijuana Petition

Step One: Download & Print the Petition for Medical Marijuana in Idaho. 

The Idaho Medical Marijuana Association (IMMA) has a petition for Medical Marijuana for the November 2018 elections. We need about 47,000 signatures for it to get on the ballot. Once it's on the ballot if it passes, Butch Otter or any Idaho governor can't veto it! If you have questions please call Bill with IMMA at 208-407-7317 for more information.

Step Two: Collect Signatures.

You can collect signatures from your immediate friends and family, at local events, or by knocking door to door in your county. Remember to be safe! Be sure to follow the rules while collecting signatures. 


  • Person must be 18+ years of age.
  • Signature must be legible & easy to read.  
  • Must use black ink.
  • Must be a registered Idaho voter (If they are not a registered voter, it will throw out only the one signature, not the whole page. So if the person isn't sure, have them sign anyways).
  • Must have resided in Idaho & in the county for 30 days prior election (November 2018). 
  • As the signature circulator, you can't sign the petition. 
  • You must physically watch every person who signs the petition. 
  • The signature on your petition must be from one county only per petition. Don't collect signatures from multiple counties on the same petition. Use multiple petition sheets so you have one for each county if needed. 

Step Three: Notarize the petition.

All petitions need to be notarized before being turned in to the clerk. You might check with your local county clerk because sometimes they can notarize the petition right there for free. If not, your local bank will often have someone available to notarize. 

Step Four: Validate the petition with your local county clerk

You will need to validate the petition with your local county clerk before you can submit it to the Idaho Medical Marijuana Association.  

Step Five: Mail Petition to 4948 W. Kootenai St. Suite 104 Boise, ID 83705. 

Congratulations you can officially say you've done your part in getting Cannabis legalized in Idaho! If you have the means, you can also donate $42 to help spread the message of legalization to all Idahoans. That way once it's on the ballot, it'll pass.